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Terrel Peterson Case

How to get file from DFACS
Case File Info
Information On Getting Your File's From DFACS
and other useful information

Commissioner of DHR is BJ Walker

Constituent Services is a part of DHR. It is the legal services for DHR.
Ms. Adina M. Broome is the person that you contact in getting your files from DFACS. You don't have to go through the department of DFACS at all.

Thanks Dena Visco for all the information that is on this site for legal issues.

Adina M. Broome
Legal Services Officer
Division of Family and Children Services
2 Peachtree Street NW, Suite 19-248
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
(404) 463-2002
(404) 463-3978 (Fax)
E-mail address

The Governor's Office
Brooke Shaddix
Policy Specialist
Constituent Services Unit
Division of Family and Children Services
(770) 339-5173
Fax (770) 339-5181

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